I'm Susan Reed, introducing myself.

I have long experience as a physical therapist and am a craniosacral therapist, Qi Gong teacher and mindfulness trainer (AIM).

Since qualifying in 1985 I have worked as a Physiotherapist initially treating skiers and athletes , I have specialized in treating the nervous system and chronic pain. I take an interdisciplinary approach to help clients regain their health and return to full fitness. In 1999 in London I specialized in Craniosacral Therapy; then, following my interest in sports and movement, I studied from 2003 for four years at the College of Elemental Chi Kung. Today I teach MBSR and MBPR classes in Vologno in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines just a stone’s throw from the Bismantova Stone.

Physiotherapy degree at Nottingham University

Craniosacral course London Thomas Attle, Masters in Craniosacral therapy with Michael Kern

College of Elemental Chi Kung

Teacher training for MBSR with AIM, Breathworks teaching training for Pain relief Mindfulness in school .b

Drss Zhu

Liu Dong Masters in Chi Kung Immune system,
Liu He Courses in Chi Kung for women

The Breath of Life

Il Respiro della vita/ the breath of Life was created 20 years ago after years of working in France with my business there Bonne Sante. The name tells of the importance of the Breath in all my activities, my passion for Qi Gong and the power of this discipline. I started teaching my first students in 2000 and then decided to build a dedicated practice space in Vologno.

Royal free Hospital
Haringey Athletics
Bonne Sante Physiotherapy Val D'Isere
The breath of life in Vologno
The Mission of Il Respiro della Vita is to bring health and a deeper connection to nature to as many people as possible. Helping people to discover the therapeutic potential of the beautiful surroundings in this unique place dominated by the pietra.

The Pietra di Bismantova and the Appennin

Having arrived from England, I found a second home in Castelnuovo ne’ Monte, and to this day every time I look out the window I am still amazed by its beauty. A few dozen kilometers from Reggio Emilia and Parma is the small village of Castelnuovo with views of the hills and the Pietra di Bismantova, a little gem where you can practice Qi Gong at dusk, at dawn, in the woods, near rivers, surrounded by nature and the elements.

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Susan Reed